Thursday, June 24, 2010

Babylon to Montauk Century

Finish line all smiles! Photo courtesy of Brian.

Early start to what would turn out to be a long but fun day!

Quick check of the brakes and it's game on!

Heading out for a long day in the saddle!

There were people on all kinds of bikes heading out on the road.

Post ride conversations while taking down one of many Blue Point beers.

Nice headband!

Peugeot holding it down first in the rack!

Trail from the campsite to the beach

Reflecting on what turned out to be a great day!

Did my first century last week and it turned out to be an experience I will soon not forget. When you spend over five hours on a bike it's funny the things that you think of to pass the time and take your mind off the fact that your legs are hurting or body is telling you to stop. Once showing up in Montauk it soon became apparent that we had held up a solid pace and managed to finish in the top group of riders. After hanging out at the finish line for hours, due to the fact that there was a Blue Point trailer with free beers flowing and I just couldn't seem to leave until I had thoroughly gotten my fare share! I started to realize how the racks were filling up and there were still a lot of people still coming in, it was then that I realized that we had accomplished a solid ride.

Thanks to Brian for setting a blistering pace and kicking my ass at times but also for making the ride more enjoyable and also a big thanks to Blue Point Brewery for taking away any pains I might have had when the ride was over!


  1. you forgot this pic dude

  2. Awesome pic! That had to be one of the best feelings pulling into that parking lot! Good times!

  3. Yeah Deano! Congrats man.. Sick pics.

  4. Thanks budddy! It was definately a great and grueling experience! Looking foward to doing more rides like this!