Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MTK Recap

Paul's Puerto Rico blanket was holding it down!

Mike chillin beachside!

Heinrich taking a quick rest before heading back to town.

Final destination!

View from the room

What a great time! Weather was perfect and although the waves were flat there was still plenty of activity going down! Got some fun riding in on the road as well as in the trails however forgot to bring the camera into the woods and missed out on some good photo ops. Definately some fun singletrack out there! Between the riding and other extracurricular activities my body is still trying to recover! It was great hanging out with some good friends and fun was had by all! I wish I was still there!

Back to training this week but luckily for my bodies sake I get to back off and rest a little for the MTK century in two weeks. So only a brief hiatus before another trip to The End but this time I will be riding out there!

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